Brain Tentacles, Child Bite, and Something Is Waiting @ The Empty Bottle

We don’t gotta sit here and listen to this.

Dave Moss, Glengarry Glen Ross

September 4, 2019

For those of us who hadn’t consumed enough alcohol during Labor Day weekend, or just wanted to get a sonic kick in the teeth, Chicago’s Empty Bottle was home to a triple dose of noise/metal/punk featuring Something Is Waiting, Child Bite, and Brain Tentacles. Check out some photos below.

Something Is Waiting

First up was Chicago’s own Something Is Waiting, who have set themselves apart with a rock sound that simultaneously noisy, sleazy, and humorous. Who could resist song titles like Real Estate Cubicle Rock and Fuck in Peace? Something Is Waiting have two full length albums out, the more recent of which is Songs for the Sally Beauty Pavilion, released on Learning Curve Records.

Child Bite

Child Bite played some of the classics as well as new material, all of it killer. Their deliciously weird and frantic songs are always a welcome trip away from the everyday routine. Their new album Blow Off the Omens will arrive this November, and they’ve also released a new 7” with Brain Tentacles.

Brain Tentacles

To top off the evening, Brain Tentacles (Relapse Records) delivered a set full of their brand of experimental metal. Whereas a more traditional rock band would use a guitar, they use wind instruments such as the saxophone. On paper that might sound like a “hard pass” for most, but they do a great job of keeping everything weird and also very listenable across a range of tempos. Brain Tentacles are Bruce Lamont (vocals, sax), Dave Witte (drums), and Aaron Dallison (vocals, bass).