Autopsy: Live in Chicago

Autopsy ain’t for everyone, that’s for sure. But if your musical tastes tend toward the terrifying, if you have an affinity for the atrocious, if you gravitate toward the grim, then this is right up your dark alley. Autopsy have been one of the pillars of the death metal scene since the 1980s, eschewing the clean stylings of other metal bands in favor of a doomier and often more punk-inspired sound.

Their live shows draw big crowds and are marked by all the mayhem one would expect, and their October 29th show at Reggies Rock Club in Chicago was no exception. The raucous sound, accompanied by the frantic growlings of drummer Chris Reifert, set the crowd into motion to a soundtrack of carnage and corpses. They played several classic tracks from early albums, and we also heard songs from their newest album, Morbidity Triumphant (2022, Peaceville Records).

Check out the setlist and some photos below.