Weedeater: Live in Chicago at Chop Shop

Ever the road dogs, Weedeater have set out on a U.S. tour for spring 2022 that will conclude in early June. Had you been at Chicago’s Chop Shop on April 15, you’d have been greeted by the Cynthia Fee rendition of Thank You For Being A Friend, the Golden Girls theme song. Some, maybe most, of those in attendance would recognize this as a presage; the calm before the storm. Because what follows, and what certainly did follow on that Friday night, was the thunderous roar of North Carolina’s Weedeater, a band who has described their bottom-heavy sound as “cave metal.”

It’s an apt description. It’s hard not to imagine venue personnel, in the wake of a Weedeater show, checking the fixtures for screws in need of re-tightening. Such is the rumbling heft of their sound. It’s made clear when the band launches into set list staples such as Hammerhandle, Mancoon, Wizard Fight, and many more.

The audience was clearly having a great time, and Weedeater is absolutely a blast to see perform live. Check out some photos from the show below. A full list of tour dates can be found here.