Slough Feg live in Chicago

From time to time in metal circles, someone will mention San Francisco’s Slough Feg — maybe even by their full name The Lord Weird Slough Feg — and the results are consistently either intense praise or I’ve never heard of them. And those with the praise will then note that yes, Slough Feg deserve much more recognition than they get. Their catalog of galloping, melodic heavy metal anthems spans decades, and is absolutely chock full of great songwriting and lyrics.

For working musicians, they also manage to get out and play live fairly often, usually in the United States and Europe. I had the good fortune of seeing them in Chicago on the first night of the Legions of Metal IV Festival at Reggies Rock Club on May 13, 2022. Live, Slough Feg is every bit as high-energy as their music warrants. Bands half their age should take some notes. Definitely check them out if you can; this is music that will get you out of that stationary-with-arms-folded stance! Check out some photos from the show below.